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Statement of Philosophy

Statement of Philosophy

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Our focus is on Wealth Management. We believe success in properly managing client assets is not measured by performance statistics, but by our clients’ achieving their goals.

We believe that successful wealth management is about understanding and managing risk. Instead of chasing hot funds and betting on hot markets, we focus on developing a disciplined investment strategy that will provide our clients the investment returns they need with the least risk possible to their assets.

Our clients are not speculative, high-risk investors. Some are fiduciaries of corporate retirement plans, non-profit institutions, trusts or estates.  Others are individuals who have already established themselves financially. All seek to grow their assets over time while avoiding the numerous risks that abound in today’s investment environment.

We are successful because we understand the unique needs of our clients and because we are ideally positioned to respond to those needs. As an independent, fee-based firm we do not represent investment or insurance providers, nor do we receive commissions for recommending investments or trading securities.

We answer only to our clients, ensuring that the investments we recommend to them are those that we believe to be appropriate for them.

Our reality is a simple one: We succeed only when our clients succeed.

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