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Investment Process

Investment Process

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Our investment professionals focus on diversification within and across a wide variety of assets while keeping an eye on expenses. We are always mindful of taxes and look for ways to add value for our clients. Over the years, we become deeply involved in all aspects of our clients’ financial lives.

Investment Process details include:

  1. Listen to Your Objectives
    At LBMC, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions.  That’s why your investment plan is crafted specifically for your needs.  In order to best serve you, we begin by listening as you describe your goals and objectives.
  2. Create a Strategy that Works
    To formulate a plan that meets your needs, we’ll begin by analyzing your current asset allocation for both performance and volatility.  We will then build a list of recommendations with careful regard for how they individually and collectively advance your position.  We pay particular attention to the tax aspects of your investment choices.
  3. Implement Your Strategy
    Whether using exchange-traded or mutual funds, we’ll transform your strategies into a comprehensive initiative geared to meet your current income needs and future capital requirements.
  4. Review Your Plan Continually
    Over time, your needs will change and new opportunities will arise.  As our client, we consider it our responsibility to look out for your best interests throughout the years, always seeking the best ways to achieve your long-term investment objectives.

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