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Investment Check-Up

Investment Check-Up

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Before you start on any journey, you must understand where you are currently and then map where you want to go. At LBMC, we begin each relationship with an Investment Check-Up, a service to benefit those who are unsure of the nature of the assets they have and how those assets fit together.

With years of investment experience, combined with an in-depth knowledge of both your financial situation and the relevant income tax and estate and gift tax laws, we can accurately pinpoint where you are, what’s working for you, and what are areas of concern. We put it all in writing with recommendations for enhancing your investment portfolio. You get the benefit of face-to-face personalized consultation that results in a roadmap for your financial future.

Investment Check-Up includes:

  • An Asset Allocation Chart specific to your holdings.
  • An Investment Position Review that examines each of your holdings for past performance, risk, security overlap, sector weighing, and expense.
  • A letter containing specific areas of concern for fine tuning your portfolio.
  • An Investment Consultation review session.

All we need from you:

  • Account statements for your various accounts
  • Personal financial statement, if available

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